09 / 04

Protect "Prove it First" Mining Laws


Protect current "Prove it First" mining laws that keep our families safe and our businesses growing. Some people say sulfide mining brings jobs and an economic boost, and that mining can be done safely. Is it true? In this video, let’s look at what history and science can teach us.

Take action today to protect Prove it First and oppose SB 395!

Senator Tiffany and Representative Hutton have put out a bill (SB 395) that benefits mining companies and will pollute Wisconsin's waters. We all have the right to be certain that a mine will not pollute our water. Companies should have to prove they can mine without destroying family farms, tourism and drinking water.

1. Contact the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry today and ask them to oppose SB 395. Email now.

2. Contact your own Senator and Represenative. Find them by searching for your address here.

3. Attend an upcoming public forum:

Prove It First Worked; Keep Wisconsin Green!

Thursday, September 14th, 6:30pm
1707 S Oneida Street, Green Bay, WI

Many Wisconsinites agree that our clean water economy is more important than the very short term economic benefits of bringing sulfide mining back to Wisconsin. Join us Thursday to learn the facts and what you can do to protect our drinking water, local businesses, and wildlife from the most toxic industry in America. Co-hosted by JOSHUA-Green Bay, River Alliance of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. See all event details.