The Water Quality Task Force & YOU

Concerned about water issues?

Submit your written comments. The legislature formed this Task Force, “to gather information and make policy recommendations to better assess and improve the quality of both surface water and ground water in our state.”

“I do like to eat food, but I also like to drink the water from my faucet and I don’t think I should have to choose.”

Donna Swanson

Lives near a CAFO

“I’ve had to install a reverse osmosis system to make my water safe to drink. This was done at my own expense.”

Charles Horn

Retired DNR Conservation Warden

“I do believe that all Wisconsinites have a right to clean safe water.”

Marci Hess

Wisconsin Resident

Hearing Locations

*Dates and venues are typically released 10 days before each hearing.

Green Bay (Completed 8-28)
Janesville (Completed 5-29)
La Crosse (Completed 6-13)
Lancaster (Completed 5-8)
Madison (Date TBD)
Marinette (Completed 8-29)
Mauston (Completed 6-12)
Menomonie (Completed 9-4)
Milwaukee (Completed 8-13)
Racine (Completed 7-11)
Stevens Point (Completed 7-24)
Superior (Completed 9-5)
Tomahawk (Completed 7-23)

Recipe for Successful Testimony:

  1. Prepare: Take a moment to think through & write out your talking points for your three minutes.
  2. Personalize: Be sure to include your personal story AND a possible solution to the problem.
  3. Practice: Tell a family member, coworker or friend what you plan to share.
  4. Present: Be calm, respectful and concise in your testimony, you’ll only have a few minutes to make an impression.
  5. Punctuality: When you arrive at the hearing you will fill out a slip of paper to get on the list to speak. The task force will likely call on speakers in the order they arrive.

Note: If you are asked a question you don’t know the answer to, it’s ok to say, “I will look into that and follow up with more information.”

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