Statewide Snapshot Day


Every year you can join other water enthusiasts at one of many rendezvous sites around Wisconsin for our annual Statewide Aquatic Invasive Species Snapshot Day.

Hosted in partnership with UW Extension’s Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, this event will get you out on lakes and streams to search for invasive species such as escaped and released aquarium and water garden plants that could choke our rivers and lakes if gone undetected.

Snapshot Day takes place every summer. Explore Snapshot Day 2018 in this Interactive Story Map.

The next Snapshot Day is Saturday, August 17, 2019

The monitoring sites vary from public parks on large rivers, to culverts on country roads spanning small trout streams, to frequently used boat launches on local lakes. At some sites friendly waters will beg you to wade in to get a better look, while at other sites volunteers will be asked to simply look from the safety of the shore with binoculars and rakes.

You can help from the shoreline or by wading into the water. It’s up to you.

Registration is not yet open for 2019, but you can sign up here to express your interest and we’ll follow up with more details as the event approaches. (Note: Select “Stream monitoring”)

You can also see information about 2018 Snapshot Day here.