Information for canoeing and kayaking in Wisconsin.

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Rick Kark’s Canoeing & Kayaking Guide to 309 Wisconsin Streams

Explore Rick Kark’s chronicles of his paddling adventures from canoeing & kayaking on hundreds of Wisconsin rivers and streams, broken into seven geographic sections.

East Central Wisconsin Rivers
North Central Wisconsin Rivers
West Central Wisconsin Rivers
Northeastern Wisconsin Rivers
Northwestern Wisconsin Rivers
Southeastern Wisconsin Rivers
Southwestern Wisconsin Rivers

Miles Paddled

Miles Paddled is an extensive resource for paddling reports and information on many Wisconsin rivers, creeks and lakes. Explore their trip reviews and plan your next paddling adventure.


Wisconsin River Trips

This website chronicles paddling adventures for creeks and rivers throughout Wisconsin by multiple contributors.


Paddling Books

Author Mike Svob wrote several books focusing on paddling in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. They offer detailed descriptions of many amazing adventures on Wisconsin’s rivers and are required reading for serious paddlers in the area.


These resources are provided for your information. They were not created by River Alliance of Wisconsin. Some of the rivers and paddling recommendations may have changed since the authors originally wrote their trip reports. Always assess the safety of a particular waterbody before entering and use caution. Paddle at your own risk.