• Project RED

    Project RED

    Project RED provides you with the necessary tools to be a Riverine Early Detector.  Our protocols are easy and fun.  Use this activity to become more familiar with your river or stream and to engage your friends and neighbors!

    During a free training we will teach you to monitor your river by canoe, kayak, or on foot for 16 species of concern.  We will help you choose locations and a monitoring schedule that are convenient to you and your volunteers.

  • Coldwater Anglers

    Coldwater Anglers

    Coldwater anglers, do you know when you are at risk of transporting invasive species between waterbodies? Are you tracking New Zealand mudsnails or Japanese hops seeds from one Driftless Area stream to the next or, worse, importing new invaders on your gear after traveling out-of-state.  The River Alliance has been working with anglers nationwide to develop guidance for anglers like you to help you better protect our rivers from invasive species. 

  • Asian Carp

    Asian Carp

    While it is arguably too late to prevent Asian Carp from arriving in Wisconsin, it certainly is not too late to discuss how to contain these fish to the lower reaches of these rivers and other infested waters, limit the impact through bolstering the rivers’ resiliency, or preparing to be in a position to implement the cutting edge control efforts being developed by the United States Geological Survey.

    The State of Wisconsin currently lacks a statewide monitoring or control plan specifically for Asian Carp; however, there is currently a large patchwork of efforts taking place to limit the invasion and theimpacts it will have on our rivers and lakes.

Aquatic Invasive Species

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