The Big Share


The Big Share

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Everyone is affected by the health and quality of our water – from avid anglers and paddlers to local brewers and chefs to families turning on the tap at home. And everyone’s help is needed!

Become a River Alliance member and join the ranks of people who are fighting for Wisconsin’s water!  While we may never match the lobbying dollars of major corporations, we can find strength in numbers.  Your support will help grow the constituency of informed, connected, and active citizen advocates making a difference.


 --Fight legislature proposals that weaken protections for our rivers.

 --Assist citizens in protecting their local rivers.

 --Provide dependable, research based information to people and local governments working to protect and restore their communities' water resources.

While our work is broad and deep, it is done with a singular focus on empowering people to protect and restore water.

From the "east coast" of the Mississippi River to the "west coast" that is Lake Michigan, Wisconsin is shaped and defined by water.  Just like every drop is important, so is every member and every dollar.  Join the fun!  Donate today.  Water is life!  Spread the word. 


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