The content below is a selected article from our summer 2019 WaterWays newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter.By Raj ShuklaWater is having a moment, as they say. A Governor from one party has declared it the “Year of Clean Drinking Water.” The legislature, controlled by another... Read More

The Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force (WQTF) has been holding hearings across the state to gather information and learn from the public about water quality issues. We are pleased that leaders from both sides of the aisle are taking the time to learn about water quality issues impacting... Read More

On May 8th the Water Quality Task Force held their first public hearing in Lancaster, WI. About 150 people attended and 31 people provided testimony after the invited speakers. Watch the hearing on Wisconsin Eye.Themes of the DayRiver Alliance attended the hearing in Lancaster. What stood out... Read More

The first Water Quality Task Force public hearing will begin at 10:30 AM on May 8th at the Youth & Ag Building Auditorium, 916 E Elm St. Lancaster, WI. We encourage you to attend to let the task force know: All Wisconsinites have a right to clean water. There is no better... Read More