Over the next few months the Water Quality Task Force will hold public hearings across the state. You can attend to share your concerns related to water issues in your community.Here’s How You Can Take PartPlan to attend a Water Quality Task Force hearing near you. At the hearing, let the... Read More

The content below is a selected article from our winter 2019 WaterWays newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter.By Falon FrenchBusiness owners have a powerful voice when it comes to water policy and advocacy. River Alliance’s Clear Water Business Consortium includes leaders from... Read More

Governor Evers’ budget was released at the end of February. As you may know, this is far from the final state budget. It is likely that the legislature will use the last two-year budget as the basis for their budget proposal this year. Their version may or may not include items from Governor... Read More

Water continues to be a hot topic in 2019. Governor Evers has declared 2019 to be the "Year of Clean Drinking Water." Representative Vos has formed a bi-partisan Water Quality Task Force. It's no secret that our rivers, lakes and drinking water are in need of long-term solutions to address... Read More