Judge rules that DNR cannot stick their heads in the sand when it comes to overpumping in the Central Sands. Central Sand residents chalked up a victory last week when a state administrative law judge ruled that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) must consider the accumulated effects... Read More

The dairy industry defends the indefensible We've almost gotten inured to the dairy industry's rationalizations, denials, obfuscations, deflections and excuses for not changing its polluting ways. For decades, dairy farmers blamed sea gulls for algae pollution in Lake Michigan. They used to... Read More

All that remains of a proposed dam on the Kickapoo River is this concrete observation tower and a quarter-mile long berm.  (Photo courtesy Friends of the Kickapoo Reserve)  Despite a growing portfolio of successful stories about restored rivers from removing dams, dam removal remains... Read More

This is the introductory article for the Summer 2014 River Alliance Newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. To Protect a River, You Have to Love It As I make my way to my job at the River Alliance, I cross a tiny river.  The Yahara can be a forgettable little thread of water... Read More