This is the introductory article for the Summer 2014 River Alliance Newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. To Protect a River, You Have to Love It As I make my way to my job at the River Alliance, I cross a tiny river.  The Yahara can be a forgettable little thread of water... Read More

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is chronicling in a four-part series the restoration of the Milwaukee River.  It is an impressive accounting of ecological rebound and economic development that can be generated when a community commits to cleaning up its river. In one segment of the series,... Read More

By River Alliance Donor Relations Director, Joanne Jacobson I spend a lot of time at my desk, so when I get a chance to tag along with my coworkers for a field trip, it’s a real treat. Last week, I followed two of my coworkers, Allison Werner and Helen Sarakinos, up north to Iron County... Read More

Biologist Dave Marshall is persona non grata in rural Spring Green, where farming has an uneasy relationship with the Wisconsin River.  Area farmers know that Dave’s scientific inquiries attempt to measure the impact of farming– specifically, how does nitrate fertilizer, and how much of... Read More

We're pleased our old friend Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, dropped our name in a recent New York Times opinion piece he penned about "deadbeat dams." Truth be told, Yvon is really not an old personal friend, but we have a long-standing relationship with his company, Patagonia.... Read More