All that remains of a proposed dam on the Kickapoo River is this concrete observation tower and a quarter-mile long berm.  (Photo courtesy Friends of the Kickapoo Reserve)  Despite a growing portfolio of successful stories about restored rivers from removing dams, dam removal remains... Read More

This is the introductory article for the Summer 2014 River Alliance Newsletter. Download a PDF of the full Newsletter. To Protect a River, You Have to Love It As I make my way to my job at the River Alliance, I cross a tiny river.  The Yahara can be a forgettable little thread of water... Read More

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is chronicling in a four-part series the restoration of the Milwaukee River.  It is an impressive accounting of ecological rebound and economic development that can be generated when a community commits to cleaning up its river. In one segment of the series,... Read More

By River Alliance Donor Relations Director, Joanne Jacobson I spend a lot of time at my desk, so when I get a chance to tag along with my coworkers for a field trip, it’s a real treat. Last week, I followed two of my coworkers, Allison Werner and Helen Sarakinos, up north to Iron County... Read More