Voting is always important. It is one way we all can protect our communities and our waters. The people we elect make decisions that impact Wisconsin's waters. Clearly, right now voting in person presents some challenges.  One solution is voting absentee. There has been some confusing... Read More

River Alliance of Wisconsin is committed the health and safety of our members, partners, volunteers, staff and board—as well as the health and safety of those in our community who are more vulnerable. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, River Alliance is instituting the following... Read More

Thanks again to everyone who has contacted their elected officials about water quality legislation. The State Assembly has finished their work for 2020. The Senate will hold their last floor session at the end of March.At this time, it is unclear which of the 13 Water Quality Task Force (WQTF)... Read More

Thank you to everyone who contacted legislators about the Water Quality Task Force (WQTF) bills. All 13 bills have made it through the committee process. The next step is for the full Assembly and Senate to vote and then the Governor needs to sign the bills into law. The Assembly will be voting... Read More