Metallic mining continues to be a major topic and threat to the waters of Wisconsin. Thankfully, many people have been writing elected officials, speaking at hearings and writing letters to the editor. River Alliance of Wisconsin is proud to be a part of such a dedicated coalition of groups and... Read More

The Great Lakes Compact and Agreement, enacted in 2008, are historic bi-national agreements to protect the Great Lakes from being drained or diverted. The Compact says that any diversions of Great Lakes water outside the basin should be rare and limited to diversions that primarily benefit... Read More

Do you have strong interpersonal skills and experience in program implementation, development and management? River Alliance of Wisconsin is hiring a Clear Water Program Director to engage Wisconsin businesses—including agricultural producers, retailers, breweries, etc.—in water stewardship... Read More

The 2018 aquatic invasive species field season is here, and with that, River Alliance welcomes Rachel Delwiche as our 2018 La Crosse Area Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Intern. Rachel is a senior at Winona State University, majoring in Environmental Science. She will team up with Scott Caven... Read More

The last few months have been active for the Back 40 Mine proposal. Communities continue to pass resolutions against the proposed Back 40 project and sulfide mining. There are now seven counties, two towns, two cities, dozens of tribal governments and intertribal organizations, environmental,... Read More