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Our mission is to advocate for the protection, enhancement and restoration of Wisconsin's rivers and watersheds. Our members are urban, rural and retired; anglers, paddlers and lovers of water and some depend on rivers to make a living. Together, our common interest is a shared passion for rivers and the inspiration they bring.

The Waters we Protect 

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Upcoming Events

  • 07 / 18
    Milky Moonlight
    Milky Moonlight

    Join River Alliance of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Riverkeeper as we co-host our eleventh annual Milky Moonlight in Milwaukee. 

  • 08 / 11
    Goin' Pokin'in the Token
    Goin' Pokin'in the Token

    Token Creek in the shadow of Dane County Airport is, literally, a flyover stream. But never mind the occasional roar of a jet engine; this is an otherwise secluded place. 

Word on the Stream